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In order to provide our efficient service of our products, we open this project: Videos.

These videos are made by ACHI technician team. Hope they are helpful.

Here you can watch how our products work and how to resolve the common issues when using the products.

Below are the lists of videos, and we will keep updating. Please kindly Click the title if interested.

1. How to use ACHI IR12000 to desolder a BGA chip 1?

2. How to use ACHI IR1200 do desolder a BGA chip 2?

3. How to use ACHI IR12000 to desolder a BGA chip 3?

4. ACHI IR12000 for desoldering PS3.

5. How to test the top heater of ACHI IR12000?

6. How to Change ACHI IR 12000 BGA rework station top heater?

7. How to replace the bottom heater of ACHI IR12000?

1. How to use ACHI IR-PRO-SC to do BGA desoldering?

2. XBOX 360 Reflow 0102 with ACHI IR PRO SC. Complete.

3. Xbox 360 GPU Replacement E74

4. Xbox 360 Achi Ir Pro SC Reflow/Reball Profile Xbox 360 Profiles RROD Red Ring Of Death fix

1. How to do BGA desoldering with ACHI IR6500

2. Xbox 360 reflow Achi ir6500

3. Unplug PS3 RSX chip(Lead solder ball Sn63Pb37) use Achi IR6500