Heat transfers by three methods conduction, convection and radiation. IR ceramic emitters are transferring the heat energy by radiation.

    Unlike the light IR heating source with wave length < 3ųm (IR-A and IR-B), the dark IR heating source wave length is > 3ųm (IR-C), and far from the visible light spectral range. The Dark IR emitter generates electromagnetic waves for heating the lower temperature objects.

    The Dark IR radiation adapts and balances the surface reflection and heat resistance rates of the object (due to object’s material and color) by interactive exposition and emission of the electromagnetic waves.


Uniform heat distribution Dark and medium infrared heating source provides uniform distribution of heat energy toward the object. Its guarantee reflow efficiency to the target without harm for the neighbor components, specially the adjacent and sensitive components. Controlled and focused The IR heating image could be controlled or focused by using reflective shutters. These shutters (reflectors) contain a mirror finish surface to reflect the IR radiation, and a window to allow the IR radiation to travel through it, toward the target.   Environmental Green Energy Dark and medium IR heating source wave length range far from harmful or unsafe wave range. It is safe and Eco-friendly heat source.