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BGA Leaded & Lead Free Solder Balls

BGA Leaded solder balls & BGA Lead Free Solder Balls. Leaded solder balls melting point is 183 degree. Lead free solder balls melting point is 217degree and Contents are Sn96.5 Ag3 Cu0.5

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BGA solder balls: leaded solder balls for leaded BGA Rework, melting point 183 degrees. Lead-free solder balls are used for lead-free rework.
leaded lead-free solder balls 


We have both leaded solder balls and lead-free solder balls for slection.
Leaded solder balls: 183 degree melting point

Lead-free solder balls: 217 degree melting point
Content: Sn 96.5 / Ag 3 / Cu 0.5

Package both have: 25kpc/ bottle and 250kpcs/bottle


Leaded & lead-free BGA solder balls are wildely used in BGA reballing.
bga solder ball use